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Pangea Scenkonst offers workshops in circus and dance where the students get the chance to develop together in an environment without demands to perform. It can strengthen the unity in the group and increase their self esteem. Circus and dance are creative activities with focus on mutual learning. Everyone has the same opportunity to participate independent on background, physique and language: everyone can do it!

The energy and joy in circus and dance make sure that everyone can consort and learn together. To move makes us happy and enables us to perform better, and clear our minds now and then.

The workshops can be adapted to different themes if there is a deep interest in specific topics, such as:
Circus- or dance math
Dance physics
Circus language

Here we explore the subjects in school in a creative way. There is also a possibility to create a show, where the children can take part and influence what the show will be about.

We are happy to inspire the students with a magical show before the workshops.
A creative activity, for everyone, on equal terms!


Try juggling with scarves, balls, “Flower Sticks” or rings!
Walk on a big ball, make tricks in a trapeze or build a human pyramid together with others!
When we practice partner acrobatics and acting exercises we work with group affinity, strength, cooperation and trust.
Juggling strengthen coordination and focus.

Aerial acrobatics strengthen self-confidence and helps overcome fears. We also practice balance and flexibility.


During our dance workshops we work on our coordination, strength and flexibility with games, combinations of steps and dance technique exercices. All this is done to inspiring music from different parts of the world. The children taking part of these classes can dance to their favorite pop-songs, to different oriental or Latin American rythms or to classical ballet music.

Become a Bollywood star, a ballet dancer or learn a choreography of your classes favorite song!

We want to thank all our faithfull fotographers and filmmakers; Cattis Maria Ahlgren | Ulrika Bernhardsson | Behroz Ahmadi | Camilla Rehnstrand | Firas Mukarker | Carlos Gonzalez | Samaneh Roghani | Gabriel Flores Jair | James | Joakim Roos | Ignacio Guajardo

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